Top 9 Do’s & Don’ts You Should Be Aware Of While Planning A Wedding Ceremony

A wedding ceremony is not just about revealing your love and to take Vows for life; it’s way more than that. Nowadays, couples get more excited about shopping, decorations, and booking their favorite cake instead of focusing on writing their vows script and preparing for their wedding programs. They should realize that the main events of their wedding ceremony are paramount on that day. As that day comes near, couples do get anxious about all the minor details. Huge desires and emotional expectations play a major role in this. Here is the list by Danita P Jai for the top do’s and don’ts while planning the wedding ceremony.

Top 9 Do's & Don'ts You Should Be Aware Of While Planning A Wedding Ceremony

Do: Be acquainted with your marriage officiant in advance

A marriage officiant leads you through the vows and spiritual commitments you make in the wedding ceremony. So, it’s necessary to become familiar with that person to become more comfortable during the wedding ceremony. Your wedding ceremony experience will be more customized and genuine after having a known person as your marriage officiant.

Your meeting with the officiant should be a simple one. You can meet them over coffee. Some marriage officiants also offer counseling sessions for couples who are about to marry, which is a ubiquitous thing. When you choose Danita P Jai as your wedding planner, you get prearranged meetings with your marriage officiants.

Don’t: Choose a distant venue for the wedding ceremony

Choosing a wedding ceremony venue near your reception place helps save money and eases the logistics and planning. You also get more moments of celebration with your guests. In case you don’t have any option rather than booking a distant venue for your wedding ceremony. Then, you should provide a transportation facility for attendants.

Booking a vehicle with decorations and music can entertain your attendants during the journey. If Danita P Jai is your wedding planner, you don’t need to worry about anything as she will effectively find a suitable venue and make arrangements for you and your guests.

Do: Get familiar with the stylist and get ready in time

It would be best to discuss all the schedules and plan with the stylist to build a mutual understanding. Your stylist should be a punctual person as there are already many things that can delay your schedule. It would be best if you were sincere about the hair and makeup time. Having a superb wedding planner like Danita P Jai always opens many rewards for you as she offers the best in reliable staffing to you.

Don’t: Spend too much on flowers only

Most couples spend a lot of money on high-profile flower decorations but spending too much on such things can be foolish. You can go for alternatives like balloon decorations and other innovative ideas of decoration. It would help if you started the decorations with the stage. The stage will be the most important space at your wedding ceremony venue; you should keep more flower decorations there. For the entrance and seating area, you can go for balloon decorations. Danita P Jai offers innovative balloon decoration designs at affordable prices to make your wedding ceremony more colorful and impressive.

Do: Provide conventional seating arrangement for the guests.

Attending your guests from the entrance and offering them the seating is one of the most critical tasks in a wedding ceremony. You can follow different traditional seating arrangements, like in Christian tradition, the bride’s family and friends seats on the left side of the arrangement and the groom’s family and friends seats on the right side. Most importantly, your guests’ should be comfortable with the seating arrangement. Only then will they be able to enjoy the event. Your choice of Danita P Jai as your wedding planner adds more sparkle to your wedding decorations and your guest’s comfort level. Her team makes sure that you and your guest enjoy the day to the fullest.

Don’t: Try to match everyone’s schedule.

You will find yourself in confusion when coordinating with too many suggestions and requests for the bachelorette party, bridal shower, and wedding ceremony dates. It will delay your plan for your complete wedding planning checklist. It would be best if you went with the date you and your partner had decided earlier.

There’s no need to please everyone. Your wedding day is not a holiday. You would delay for better days to come, but it’s the beginning of your better life together, so make sure your decisions are always making your bond stronger and your relationship better. Danita’s experience can help you a lot in this type of situation.

Do: Hire a wedding planner.

Having a wedding planner is always favorable for you as you will get complete support and assistance in decision making, preparing a checklist, etc. When that wedding planner is Danita P Jai, you get the perfect value for your time and money. Her practical organizational skills, top-class management skills, and years of experience as a famous wedding planner help her make your wedding day the most memorable day of your life.

She understands all your desires and vision for your dream wedding day/weekend and makes sure to convert that dream into reality. Danita P Jai and the entire team of JaisWay put their best efforts to plan, manage, and execute your wedding ceremony efficiently. Danita P Jai takes care of everything for your wedding ceremony so that you can feel relaxed and enjoy your best moments with your partner.

Don’t: Force your shy friend to do the reading

It would help if you choose the right people as your readers for the wedding ceremony. It’s necessary to keep confident people on your list. There’s also no need to take things personally as people can deny your request to be a reader on your wedding day. Some people aren’t comfortable while speaking on the stage or in front of so many people. Their nervousness and awkward pauses can be embarrassing and can ruin your ceremony too. You need to make a list at least seven days ahead of your wedding ceremony. You can also do some rehearsal with your readers to make them more confident with the speech.

Do: Always keep a backup plan if having a destination wedding

Having a plan B is always beneficial when you have a destination wedding in mins. During the planning process, you should formulate backup plans in case of rain or cold weather. This helps get rid of any extra stress on the day of the wedding. Danita P Jai will help you to execute the backup plans for your wedding ceremony.

Top 9 Do’s & Don’ts You Should Be Aware Of While Planning A Wedding Ceremony

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