Latest Wedding Trends for 2021

Considering the latest wedding trends for the year 2021, you will see that year 2020 has set some unusual but exciting wedding trends for the upcoming year 2021. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has taught people about the value of relationships and family in problematic situations. People have become more conscious about the things which matter to them. Many couples who were all set for a grand wedding are now considering a small wedding.

People have accepted the “new normal” and resumed their lives but with different approaches for every decision for the future. Some of those critical decisions will be for and about those couples’ wedding; this is why these latest wedding trends for 2021 are essential to follow, considering a lot has changed in people’s vision for their wedding day/weekend.

Here are the latest wedding trends for 2021:

Mismatched Seating

The seating options like square, rectangular, circular, etc., were always considered when managing the ceremony spaces and reception venues; rarely did people mix and match layouts. But now, wedding planners are taking mismatching seating as an excellent entertaining move. This trend is a bit crazy, but couples are liking it very much. With this type of unique designs for seating, people also get a chance to enjoy the event. Mismatched tables for four or six will be perfect for photography too.

Atypical Wedding Venues

This trend is a must in every wedding checklist of 2021 because every couple wants to make their wedding memorable and not a simple event. The list of offbeat paths and locations will offer couples many unique options to consider as their wedding venue instead of the traditional reception centers. These atypical wedding venues will entertain your guests.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming is a very impactful way to involve your loved ones in your important moments. Many couples have made their relatives’ participation possible in their wedding using live streaming in 2020, and hopefully, this trend will go on in 2021. Moreover, live streaming by the use of drones will also be a great option. Many applications and software are available on our smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets, making live streaming exceptionally easy. Live streaming will also help couples save enough money as there will be less hassle for arrangements, catering, etc

Extended Celebrations

Extended Celebrations is the trend every couple wants to follow in their wedding ceremony. If asked, about 90% of the couples agree that a single day celebration for a wedding is not enough and will opt for a weekend or a full week for the festival. Extended wedding celebrations are the best way to enjoy your wedding ceremony to the fullest. The lesser the number of people are and the more prolonged the celebration is; this is how extended celebrations have taken place in 2020 and will continue in 2021 for sure. Extended celebrations give you a golden chance to live each moment of your wedding day without any hassle. Either it’s a bridal shower or bachelorette party, you will have enough time to fulfill your desires and visions for the wedding celebrations.

Visual Planning

The future of wedding planning will depend on how a wedding planner can use the latest technology to provide innovative wedding events. In 2021, weddings will have many significant changes like virtual wedding invites instead of physical invitation cards for the guest, advanced communication via wedding websites, and a lot more will be there. Visual Planning will also help in saving the travels and money. You will also get informed immediately about who will be your exact attendants at the party.

Gender-Neutral Traditions

Keeping this trend at your wedding would resolve a lot of issues of yours. You would have a list of many best-friends as your guest at the wedding. It would be tough when we have to include people in the wedding with respect to their gender. Having a gender-neutral wedding is a great way to be inclusive and to make sure all of your guests are comfortable and having fun.

Focused Floral Decorations

Floral decorations will be a more critical aspect in the year 202. Hence, the most crucial person in your wedding will be your wedding planner’s florist. Floral decorations are exciting when you have a lot of patterns and designs to choose from. From entry gates to the main event stage, everything can be decorated efficiently by using floral decorations.


Couples who want to save money while still making their dream weddings possible can consider the DIY approach to get the best results. “Doing it yourself” can give you many relevant ideas, too, as you will be participating thoroughly. Your participation in the wedding arrangements and decorations will surely provide you with a sense of satisfaction again as you will be able to analyze the work right from the start to the last reception.

Bold Decorations

We have seen a lot of couples flaunting the bold and bright colors in their celebration. Hopefully, the trendsetters will continue the event decoration with the essence of brilliant and confident colors. Bold colors show the trends and your free mindset for your relationship; it will show how brave your relationship bond is. The saturation of these bold colors will leave a mark.

Concept Lighting

Concept lighting is a must if you want to make your wedding venue sparkle in the moonlight. No matter, it’s an outdoor or indoor wedding event, the lighting will always be a crucial aspect to set the mood. Lighting is what your guest will notice the most as they would have already seen standard lighting in many weddings, but when you offer the moonlight experience for them, it will surely make the day memorable for your guests and you.

Latest Wedding Trends for 2021

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