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Planning Corporate events and conferences is not an easy task for any event planner. Danita P Jai is one of the best event planners with adequate experience in a host of many conferences and events in a corporate environment. Choosing her as your event planner will be a beneficial decision for you. Her event planning team is full of expert decorators, planning staff, and coordinators. We at Jai’s Way have extensive soft skills to establish communication at each management level and between all the vendors, members, and employees to efficiently organize corporate events or conferences. Danita P Jai has mastered interactive skills to understand your requirements better.


Conferences and other corporate events concerning current company strategy, internal policy change, new product/service, practice motivation, staff training, etc., primary focus on uniting employees, discussing marketing initiatives and other organizational elements.

We Light Up The Corporate Events & Conferences

First of all, Danita P Jai understands your vision for the event, and then she plans for a suitable theme, decorations, and other arrangements. She guides her decorators regarding the same plan, decorations, and design for the event.

It’s about thirty days’ long task to successfully plan and execute conferences and corporate events, as it consists of multiple stages.

Danita P Jai, being a knowledgeable event planner, is the perfect choice for you. She understands the flexible solutions required to carry out successful corporate events and conferences.

There are different corporate events, including micro-events, small events, midsize events, and large-scale events.

Along with comprehensive services, we offer the most affordable event planning packages.

Event Budget & Objective

Event budget and objectives are the impactful factors for event planning. Everything from finding a venue, catering, staffing, technical assistance, etc., is included in the event budget.

Why Choose JaisWay?

Danita P Jai at JaisWay offers excellent value for your money and time as she is well familiar with the management software and technology. She makes sure to offer custom-made services. JaisWay is the best option for you if you are looking for the best event planner service at an affordable price with extra inclusive services like catering, staffing, and equipment.

Corporate Events & Conference Planning by JaisWay

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