Top 9 Do’s & Don’ts You Should Be Aware Of While Planning A Wedding Ceremony

A wedding ceremony is not just about revealing your love and to take Vows for life; it’s way more than that. Nowadays, couples get more excited about shopping, decorations, and booking their favorite cake instead of focusing on writing their vows script and preparing for their wedding programs. They should realize that the main events […]

10 Steps Guide To Organize Your Corporate Events And Fundraisers

Organizing Corporate events & fundraisers can be a crucial task for any organization or business entity. An event organizer like Danita P Jai would be an excellent option for you to get special assistance and organize your corporate events and fundraisers. Danita has organized many corporate events and fundraisers in her 15 years of experience […]

Danita P Jai: The Best Budget Wedding Organizer

Wedding day brings a lot of joy, happiness, and memories in a couple’s life. While making the checklist for their wedding, each couple makes sure they have everything in their budget. Planning a perfect budget without any wedding organizer is an overwhelming task, especially when you design it for your most special day/weekend. Hiring Danita […]

Danita P Jai: The Best Wedding Planner In My Area- Kansas, USA

Our best wedding planner, Danita P Jai, offers you efficient wedding planning, floral decorations, and other extensive services in Kansas, USA. JaisWay has the best team of around 150 experts and has won over 120 awards for its excellent service over the last 15 years. As a wedding planner, Danita P Jai focuses on the […]

Best Event manager 2021

The world of event management has changed a lot in the past few years. New technologies have it possible to bring significant improvement in event management. However, it still requires excellent planning and organization skills to manage different types of events, including weddings, birthdays, conferences, inauguration events, and award ceremonies. Event managers and party decorators like JaisWay […]

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